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Modded Watches

IMPORTANT, Please read.

MotorCity WatchWorks is NOT an authorized retailer or repair facility for any of the manufacturers shown on the Modded Watches page.
MotorCity WatchWorks does NOT sell new, unmodded watches from any manufacturer shown on the Modded Watches page.
MotorCity WatchWorks sometimes purchases new watches at retail and then selectively mods them until they exude awesomeness!
These watches DO NOT come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You will get a limited warranty from me, meaning I will fix anything that breaks on the watch with a few exceptions.
The exceptions: The limited warranty doesn't cover water damage or damage caused by misuse or abuse. It doesn't cover the scrapes and scratches all watches get when you wear them. The limited warranty is for 90 days. Lastly, it doesn’t cover intentional or unintentional damage from drops, hammer strikes, burnouts, bungee jumping, ollies, etc.